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Post  JamesB on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:38 pm

Hello Mr Vizzutti.

I am a comeback player who would like to study and become comfortable with Blues Improvisation. When I first started playing in the eighties there was just my tutor and my arbans method, but coming back now there is a bewildering amount of good and not so clear internet advice on totally new concepts such as Mixolydian scales, Dorian scales, etc.

Are there a few vital scales I could go with to start with, that are most commonly used that I can get started on and hopefully expand as I become more proficient ?

By the way can I thank you for the incredible 'Zero Pressure' Masterclass you presented in Cardiff University Hall which I attended. I have put to work your advice on playing certain music phrases slightly slower, which you gave to one of the three talented students already and exactly as you said, there is quite a difference.

Thank you.


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