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Post  Oliver Hix on Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:13 am


I've heard of the water hose analogy (thumb over the nozzle to change how fast the water squirts out) on here and elsewhere. I gather from what I've read on here you think the thumb over the hose is analogous to the aperture. Is that correct?

My question is, why use the aperture instead of the tongue to control the size of the opening/air speed (i.e. why not leave the aperture the same-ish and speed the air up using the tongue to change the size of the cavity through which the air moves)?

Do you feel as though your embouchure has to work harder as you play higher? Would you find it strange if someone said they can play higher notes without increasing the intensity of embouchure activity?

What type of changes does the embouchure need to make, if any, as one plays higher? My current default activity is pinching the aperture tighter and tighter; what should one do instead, and how should one go about making that change?


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