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Post  JBEAN3 on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:22 pm

Hello Mr. Vizzutti!! First of, it is a pleasure to finally commuincate with you!! I have a few questions for you.

What would it take to get a lesson from you?
A little bit about myself. I started playing in the 6th grade. I am now currently a Freshmen. I live in a small town in Hooker Oklahoma. About 1,500 people. Anyways, I had a choice to be in 6th grade choir or band. So i chose band and soughted out the trumpet. I just fell in love with it. I practice every day for around 3 hours. Then I had a peak in my 7th grade year. My band teacher thought I would become a virtuoso. I could play a Double High c and play a little bit of the Carnival of Venice. (Carnival of Venice) (Double C)
(Both Videos from 7th grade year
Now It is my Freshmen year andI kind of lost my desire. What wou.d it take to get a lesson? From you. Mainly concerning my emborchure and articulation. I really havent got any better since the seventh grade!! I would like to change that!! My dead grandma said a future professional trumpet player is what I can become. I just need help and guidance

(This year I made the 5 state Honor Band. My junior high years I recived superior ratings. My solos were Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring and a simpler version of Carnival of Venince. I own Arbans as a method book. My worst aspect of trumpet it tonuing. My favorites are You, Doc, Mendez. That is my favorite trumpeter trio.)

And also what would be recommend for practicing? Thank you!! JBEAN


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Help fast!!! Empty Help - but not so fast.

Post  Allen_Vizzutti on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:15 pm

I checked out your Youtube. The bottom line is to keep music in your life and enjoy the process. It helps you and it helps those who hear you. The more genuine the music, the more you play from your heart, the more meaningful it is in the world and that can only be a good thing. Music will also open a lot of doors in your life.

Trumpet and all other acoustic instruments require diligent practice in order to reach a high level of competence. The goal for how far you want to take your trumpet playing is up to you and only you. If you can't find the desire or don't make the progress you want, you have to deal with that realistically. There are many factors such as your personality, your innate talent, your musical surroundings at school and in your area, (is it challenging or not?), your support system, your exposure to, interest in, and frequency of hearing professional level playing and your motivation regarding working really hard applying yourself, your consistency, your reliability, and your openness.

Private lessons are a wise move and certainly a source for motivation. I am not available although if enough interest develops I may do some Skype lessons in the future.

Regarding the video. You seem to have a natural up stream embouchure which is great. Yours is the lesser percentage of set ups compared to down stream which most of us have. That helps you to get the upper notes so that is good. Certain sound issues are often present such as foggy lower notes and articulation clarity which may be the case for you but hard to pin point in 30 seconds of video.

The excerpt of Carnival shows talent on which you can build. The level of performance of the excerpt is not exceptional such as it is. We need to work for beautiful phrasing, clarity of line, rhythmic evenness of fast lines, elegant phrase endings and a clear precise sound. All of these things are based on steady, smooth and consistent air support. Thanks, AV

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